Traditional Telephone Systems

Our traditional telephone systems are the latest in technology in this class and offer many more features than older technology. While we offer the latest state of the art VoIP systems, we recognize that some customers want and need a more basic system. Generally speaking, traditional systems will be less expensive than VoIP/server based for a basic system; however, the price difference narrows quickly when additional features are added to traditional systems. Many of these features that are “bolt on” for the traditional systems are built in our basic VoIP/server system. Which system is right for you? After meeting with you and evaluating your needs and goals, we can explain why the proposed system makes sense.

We work with several manufacturers but primarily support and carry stock on Nortel and Avaya. Avaya bought Nortel many years ago and has the ability to use digital Norstar telephones on their new platform. With that, customers can realize substantial savings yet get latest, greatest technology within the system.